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Default Re: bandwagon

Here's some required viewing for any Steeler fan.

There will be a quiz next week.

Honestly I don't know if you'd qualify as a band wagon jumper or not. Where did you grow up? Where are your parents from? etc...

I realize that we weren't all born breathing black and gold air in Pittsburgh, but it begs the question:: When does a person truly become a fan of a particular team?

I grew up just outside of Pittsburgh. Everyone in my family were huge fans. I'm a huge fan and I've taught my kids to be fans. I live near Philly now and I'm surrounded by Eagles fans.

I have to say that I'm obsessed with Steelers football. All year long I am. Right now I'm wearing my SB Champs shirt and my favorite Steelers hat. I rewatched my SB Champs DVD again today while folding laundry. I ordered my "Road to Super Bowl XL" DVD set last night.

I did some thinking....

Here's some criteria I think you need to have to be a fan.

1. Have you made an emotional investment in the team? I fell to the floor and almost cried when Jerome fumbled. Then I jumped for joy when Ben made "The Tackle". I nearly hit the roof when Vanderjagt missed the field goal.

2. Have you made a financial investment in the team? I'm not rich, but I've shelled out alot of money over the years on Steelers gear. Every year at Christmas all my family know that I'll be very happy getting anything with a Steelers logo on it. One year I got 3 identical shirts. I wore them all out in 2 years.

3. Do you proudly display your favorite team's gear? I almost never leave the house without my gear on. Heck I even go to church wearing my Steelers polo shirts and during the season I've been known to wear my jersey to church as well. I get lots of looks from the Eagles fans in their jersey's too. LOL!

Can anyone think of other things that should be added?
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