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Default Re: Pat Kirwan's take on Ward

The problem I am having with this whole thing is the fact the last year we passed about 35% of the time. We are a team that prides themselves in running the ball, and yes, this year we are supposed to open up the offense a little...but I don't see us straying from our running game like in 2003 when we passed 52% of the time...we all know what happened there (6-10)! They have offered Ward what seems to be quite fair to me considering the role recievers have had on our team. I agree he was extremely underpaid these past few years considering his production, but I believe the Steelers have taken into consideration all this when coming up with the deal they offered him. I would say though I would rather have Ward than Moss or TO, and I really hope to see him back in the black and gold soon, however, if not we will survive w/o him if we have to!

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