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Default Re: Smizik: Plenty of uncertainty surrounds Roethlisberger

This is a very typical off-season piece of journalism.
Simply stating that a QB in his second year has 'question marks' over him is almost going beyond the realms of stating the obvious.
How can any player possibly remove all the question marks about him in 16 games?
You got players like Bledsoe, Harrington, Pennington who have been around a lot longer period of time....and they still have plenty of 'question marks' surrounding them.

This sort of article has the sort of tone I would normally see written by an anti-Pats scribe - it doesn't actually SAY anything too bad - but it HINTS at a lot of stuff - like name dropping Kordell Stewart half way through the article.

The fact is that there are 'pundits' and fans out there who will never give Ben his due, regardless of performance, they will point to his running game and O-line - just like the same pundits point accusingly at our Defence when critiquing Tom Brady.


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