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Default Re: Smizik: Plenty of uncertainty surrounds Roethlisberger

Originally Posted by LambertIsGod58
LivingInThePast, you make some good points. I am no way anti-Ben. I am a Ben fan. But I am growing tired how it seems like most people have this guys' bust in the Hall of Fame already. I think he is obviously playing beyond his expectations his first year in the league. So, I hope you were not insuating that I am one of those who won't ever give Ben his due? Numbers don't lie. I'm just not ready to ride the bandwagon that he's the greatest thing going.
Hell no lambert - like I said I very much enjoyed your last two posts, both being backed up by factual evidence.
No, what I mean is, when a player exceeds his expectations alot of pundits are a bit pissed that they didnt forecast this player being so good - so they search for a negative aspects in order to justify the fact that they under-rated a player.

I totally agree with your assessment of his achievements to date, and Ben has certainly been helped by the fact that the Steelers are so solid from top to bottom as a franchise.

What I dislike is nit-picking articles that hint at the fact that player may be a little too taken with the limelight etc ...basically stuff that isn't objective and cant be judged properly - I regard this as poor journalism.


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