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Originally Posted by 19ward86 View Post
i know this gets old but i need some advice, ignorance doesnt work. i am 15 and ive was raised by a single mother, not really a sporty home. once she got married his buddy used to invite us over on gameday about 6 years ago and i watched, not really paying attention but i watched. i started to pay attention and learn maddox stewart hines and so forth. i will admit that the last 2 yrs i pay more attention since they are doing well but ive still been a fan for a while, i dont see anything wrong with it since fans get more interested when a team is doing better. i dont consider myself a bandwagoner bcause i havent switched teams, ive stayed faithful. all my high school teachers are either bengals or browns fans since im in ohio.i know some others have the same you guys consider me a bandwagon? all that matters is that i like them now and it is not changing!
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