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I agree with pretty much everyone in welcoming you into the Steelers family.... I honestly cant stand some one that just changes teams every year... After the Rams won their Super Bowl... I saw alot of Rams murchandise... now I dont see any it... used to back in my school days.. a good friend of mine "Todd" was such a big Cowboys fan... I saw him a while back and he had on a Patriots hat... I asked him... when did you change teams?... he said... oh... well.. when Jimmy Johnson left the Pokes wasnt the same so I made a change... I asked him now that the Steelers have won their first Super Bowl in some 2 decades.. are you gonna start pullin' for us? He just giggled and said ... nah...
Welcome to the Wagon "Little Man".... your alright..
God Bless Ya....
I feel kind of sorry for you living in Bungal and Brownie territory though....
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