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Default Re: Noel Devine: Watch this highschooler run!

yikes. Being at the opposite corner of the country, I know nothing more about this kid than what I have read and seen in this forum today. But I guess anytime I see this much hype about someone in high school it concerns me. I worry about the potential for someone like this to have no social boundaries set for him because people around him will treat him like a superstar. You know that his peers are going to do that. I just hope the adults in his life don't.

There are occasional exceptions to this. Lebron James seems to have turned out alright in spite of having perhaps the most high school hype of any athlete in history. But I think there are a lot of talented kids out there who are thinking they are certain to be millionaire athletes when they are only 16. I think people who treat them as such do them an incredible disservice.
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