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Default Re: Super repeat? Unlikely, says Bettis

Bettis isnt saying anything more than what everyone else who are not Steelers fans arent saying.... The short yardage and big back theory. It worked for us last year.. that wasnt enough in prior years with the Bus. Love him as a Steeler, but he is a commentator now and he isnt saying what anyone else isnt. Very few have us winning the division much less the Superbowl. Coach Cowher said something like , " we probably wern't the best team in football last year, but we were the best at the right time" Which is fine with me... each year i just actually hope we make the playoffs cause i hate sitting at home watching everyne else play and all the excitement and not being a part of it.

Will go liek this ... we win early, then will be " the Steelers didnt lose anything.. we lose early and everyone is going to say.. see you cant win without that bruisig back ect ect ... every SuperBowl team has to go through the media knocking them down a few notches cause everyone wants to see the team on top go down.. is just a fact.
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