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Default My thoughts for 2005-2006

With one of his most complete Cowher teams in recent memory. Will he finally win ?the infamous one for the thumb?? But most notably can he finally remove that stigma that has plagued him thus far into his career as being unable to win the big game. While most other coaches around the league relish for teams that Cowher has coached. His teams have always become so predictable during the playoffs and definitely when the games on the line. While he?s not totally the blame for all the failures, he is the main catalyst. He finally has a QB that has been absent his previous 12 years. Ben Roethlisberger has all the right tools for franchise QB mobility, accuracy, smarts, leadership, ability to stay calm in hostile situations and a cannon for an arm. Top that off with above average WR?s, dominant offensive line and a stable of running backs and you have the makings of a championship caliber offense. With LeBeau back at the helm running his 3-4 zone blitzing schemes ?blitz burgh?, is now officially back. But is this enough to finally exceed or more less succeed not just in the regular season, but primarily the postseason.

While this may seem like a Cowher bashing session it is most certainly not. While to most he is one of the best regular season coaches in the last 2 decades. That?s the main reason the Rooney?s won?t and can?t let him go. While firing him seems like the most logical thing to do from the media, coaches, players, and fans standpoint. The Rooney?s understand that while his postseason failures have been widely regarded. His success in the regular season probably won?t ever be duplicated. His ability to get the best out of almost every player from rounds 1-7. Top that off with no major free-agent acquisitions that's contributed to his ability to take what some see as average players and make them stars. He is probably the greatest motivator since the late great Vince Lombardi. His passion and his fire to motivate his players and have them believe that they?re the greatest players on that field, is uncanny. That?s what makes him such a good or maybe even great coach. This is Cowhers year his year to finally get the monkey off his back. To finally take the extra step and solidify is place in Canton, Ohio.

These are my thoughts about the upcoming season and why there is cause for rejoice. While last seasons end has left a bitter taste in Steelers fans collective mouths. It has also, caused the chance for celebration as we embark on what could be the greatest season since the mid to late 70?s.
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