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Default Re: Bettis on Leno last night

Originally Posted by I-Want-Troy's-Hair View Post
Last night Leno had Bettis as a guest. Jerome is sitting there with that big super bowl ring flashing and doing a lot of talking with his hands. I'm sure he was practicing in order to flash the bling in Collinsworth face, and can't I wait for that. Anyway I was a bit disappointed that Leno never did ask to see "the bling."

They went on to show a clip of bettis at the Nascar track and he got to take at ride at 180 MPH. The clip was not of Jerome driving around the track it was of Jerome trying to climb his 260+lb x-running back body into a car with a very small side window.

I thought they were going to have to use a shoe horn or grease him up in order to get him through the window and into his seat. When he finally thought he was in the car his left arm was stuck still outside they car and they almost had to wrap it around the back of his neck while they literally shoved the rest of him into the car. After they finally were able to cram him in the car I was wondering how they got him buckled in. Jerome filled up the car and I'm sure there wasn't much room left for the driver.

When they cut back to Jerome and Leno they were both laughing and Leno was wiping his eyes I thought Leno was going to fall out of his chair. They didn't show him trying to get out of the car but I'll bet they had to bring in a crane in order to unscrew him back at of the car as we all know Nascar doors don't open and the only way in or out is via the window.

Yeah I saw that too and it was pretty funny. I, like you, thought it was somewhat weird that not a word was said about his ring.
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