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Originally Posted by wedosesteelers2006 View Post
So Tony... what your saying is.. is dont keep young players around and let them hone their skills? I guess the Titans should have never given McNair his time like they did or the Bungals shouldnt have given Palmer that one year to learn and hold the clip board right?
Kuhn or Jacobs should be picked up by someone because they are both worth the gamble in my opinion... and the way that Staley looked all preseason that Kuhn would have been a better fit right now.. and I'm afraid they will be sorry for not keeping a 3rd QB on the roster also that has experience in our offense.
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Wedo - I don't think that is what Tony is saying at all. I think history shows that your statement is not accurate. The Steelers can't base their judgments on "what ifs". They obviously had good reasons for not wanting to keep both Kuhn and Jacobs on the 53 man roster, reasons we aren't privy to. They watched these guys in camp and in the preseason contests and there are criteria they develop and look for in every player. Considering the great job they've done in keeping players they feel will give them the best shot at winning games (and championships) in the past, I'm going to sit down, shut up and have confidence in their decisions. They haven't let us down in the past too often.

I don't agree with keeping only 2 QBs (both of whom are also prone to injury) on the roster, but again, I am confident in Cowher and his coaches' decisions because I have faith in them knowing what is best for the team. Omar really doesn't have "experience" running our offense - he played in the preseason games using a generic offensive game plan. I believe one of the QBs cut will end up on the PS and will be available to step up behind Ben or Batch should one of them face injury this season.

Relax hon! We're in good hands with Cowher!

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