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Plus, didn't Kuhn lose a couple of fumbles during the preseason, including Thursday night?

He lost one on a perfect hit which may have been overturned if it was challenged. He was also injured on that play as well.

Like I said, Duce was outperformed by Kuhn in every facet of the game. The only reason Duce is here instead of Kuhn? Duce is a veteran. If they were both rooks, Duce is gone, Kuhn stays.

It had nothing to do with performance. Its the same reason we cut Morgan instead of Morey. Morey is one of Cowher's lovers, just as Kordell was for awhile. He finally got over his Lee Mays crush, as well.

I'll say it again, the coaching staff saw these guys a hell of a lot more than you did. If you think you could do a better job than them, why don't you quit your job and go to work for an NFL team.

We just won a Super Bowl for crying out loud! We won that Super Bowl with a bunch of guys who the FO found late in the draft. They know what they're talking about. Some people on this board are just armchair idiots who want something to bitch about.

Did I ever say I knew more than them? Did I say I could do a better job?

How about this: If you can find me somewhere where I said I know more than the FO, I will leave these boards forever. If you can't, you leave. No go?

Don't put words in my mouth.

It is a FACT that in the preseason games, Kuhn outperformed Staley vs the same level of competition. That is a FACT. As for training camp and whatnot? Who knows. But I also believe Kuhn was injured on that hit Thursday night (he didn't play anymore snaps and he was slow getting up) and he got cut before any injury was revealed.
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