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Default Re: Charles Rogers?? Any takers?

Originally Posted by Mosca View Post
Didn't Rogers sit out some games for violating the substance abuse policy? I think that would make him a non-Steeler right there.


If you played for the Lions,'d probably partake of the "stickiest of the ickey" LOL
And also, reference to being "Non-Steeler" material. Your saying that no Steeler of the past or PRESENT has or does smoke weed ?..... STOP PLAYIN.
Do i personally advise it ? No,....but i'm not nieve enough to believe that it doesn't happen and that there are'nt some player's of considerable ability and success that do so.
The injury woe's are one thing,.....judgment of another's character requires a far greater amount qualification and actual knowledge of the person or person's in question.

"Hail Caesar,.....Hail the Black and Gold"
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