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Default Re: Charles Rogers?? Any takers?

Originally Posted by 83-Steelers-43 View Post
Wilson looked fine to me since the second half of last season up until now.

Hines Ward is well.....Hines Ward.

Washington looked fine to me ever since the Bronco's playoff game.

Holmes and Reid will develope.

Haynes on screens.

Heath Miller.

I'll start being concerned if Holmes and Reid start dropping balls and if Wilson starts looking like Wilson in the first eight games of last season. Until then, I'm content. I really haven't seen a reason or reasons to not be content. When our first string offense was out on the field I thought it looked very nice (Ben to Wilson in particular). I'm just curious to see what it looks like when we actually start game planning.

I'm anxious to see how we do with actual game planning as well. I'm almost certain that Santonio and Willie will develop nicely. But it's just something about Ced that doesn't move me,.....he's okay,....but clumsy,...and when we play teams with stout secondary's,... he almost vanishes into thin air (with the exception of the T'd catch in Denver).
I'm just tired of having to resort to gadget plays to be able to pass the ball come playoff time. Because Hines is the only elite receiver on the field. And as far as Nate,.....i just don't think he's physical enough,...and question his ability to get off jams and block.
Would i like for these cat's to pan out this year and give Ben a "Yancey, Hastings, Ernie Mill's core"? certainly,.....but i just don't see that with Ced and Nate.
Hopefully,...i'm wrong,..... cause they're all we have got as of now.

"Hail Caesar,.....Hail the Black and Gold
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