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Default Re: Steelers Front Office

Originally Posted by Black and Gold Forever 32 View Post
I just wanted to say I'm very pleased with the Steeler's front office. With coming off a Super Bowl win its a great time for Steelers fan all across the Steelers Nation. With the Rooney's resigning Ike Taylor and the F.O. making a trade for P. Cobbs. I must say I'm very pleased with the Steeler's top brass.

The Ike Taylor signing is huge. Did we really want to risk lossing Ike and entering next year with just Townsend, McFadden and Colclouch back there.

I must say I like the Cobbs trade. Sure he is a undrafted free agent and his pre-season success doesn't mean jack. But with Duce looking old and slow. We needed another RB. True Cobbs isn't the power back we all like and we did cut two big backs. But again I will say we won't it all with a undrafted speed back starting last year. Cobbs is a undrafted speed back. Willie is our starter but I'm telling I think Cobbs will make some plays this year and fill a role.
Great post D! It is great to see our FO step up to the task and do what needed to be done before the season starts in order to keep the focus on the games, not on the checks and balances.

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