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Originally Posted by jaysta View Post
All is cool here man, in fact I never even responded to the other posts that didn't agree with my opinion. There were just too many people being attacked in this thread by the same person to let it go by without a response. The original post was written in a way to get people's attention so that we could have a good discussion about our waivers. Agree with it or not, that's fine with me, but don't attack people's opinions just because they aren't the same as yours. So if you want to discuss Jacobs and Kuhn (who are now on the practice squad), great. If not, than please don't attack those of us that do enjoy a good discussion.

uh huh.....i talked shit to you and only you. i said wtf are you talkin about to that elvis character, and i was messing around with the knife dude saying was he playing madden. i only singled you out, for starting such a stupid thread
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