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Originally Posted by jaysta View Post
Let me see if I understand. I woke up this morning still thinking that the Steelers could repeat and continue to build for the future. Only to see that a major part of that future, Kuhn and Jacobs, were packing their bags as we were still sound a sleep dreaming of another handful of Super Bowl rings. Forget the fact that Jacobs threw the ball 462 times for 4,002 yards with only 4 interceptions and a passer rating that would blow your mind in only his sophomore year of college, this guy is big, strong, quick, and smart...and now he may be headed to someone else's team. In my opinion he could have easily been drafted around the same time as the top QB's this year.

As for Kuhn, what are the Steelers thinking? Help me to understand....we have an aging RB with bad knees (who I think was worth keeping only as a coach and mentor for the young guys) in the #3 spot, an unproven rookie from New England in the #4 spot, and Kuhn getting waived. Unless you slept through the pre-season games, this guy had great upside. Forget the fumble. Slap a little more pine tar on his forearms and make him carry a Crisco ball. That stuff can be fixed. He has young knees, incredible power, and speed pretty unmatched for his size. You say have faith in our Front Office for the Steelers future...with two of our best draft pickups gone, it's hard to have faith looking down the road. Someone please pinch me and wake me up now...for I hope this was just a bad dream.


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