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Default Re: Steelers # 1 pick for 2007 draft is ...

Originally Posted by 83-Steelers-43 View Post
Wait, let me get this straight......

You are basically writing off this season when you have no idea how long Ben will be out? He could be back for the Jacksonville game or the San Diego game. We don't know yet. I don't think it's "safe to say" anything until we play our last game of the year.

Also, who knows what Batch will look like. He might just surprise us all. There's more to an offense than just your QB. There's more to your team as a whole than just your QB. We (the majority of fans) are looking at the Dolphins, you are already making the assumption that we will be drafting low in next years freakin' draft.
ummm ... no I'm not saying that at all ... if you read my post right it said that we could be able to trade up from him from spot 32 ... i wonder what team picks there ... ok well i guess its early and you just didnt read well ... what i was trying to get out of this was that one of the top 2 backs eligible for this years draft just broke their leg and barring some ridiculous workout at the combine ... he probably wont go any higher than 20 ... not to mention he is a big bruising back that fits out system and can take some of the load off of parker ... I'm looking right at the dolphins with you,trust me, but this is just something fun to talk about because all of the other threads seem too depressing to want to think about (hines hammy, b-roth surgery, get rid of duce, cowher leaving) ... just things id rather not think about now ... honestly ... what kind of fan would i be if i thought it would be a good idea to give up on the season just to get a good draft pick
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