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Default Re: The Eternal Optimism Thread

Originally Posted by siss View Post
I tend to be a glass half full gal and with the latest news on Benny, I thought it might be the right time for all of us eternal optimists to come together. I dont think he will miss 3 games hell I dont rhink he will miss 2. And for 2 reasons.
1. Benny is tough. If he can survive a New Yorker then im sure appendicitis is nothing plua Benny has amazing healing powers (although I do wonder where his guardian angel was on this one?)!
2. The Steelers have 11 days off between week 1 and 2.

So everyone just chill. Our boys wll be fine without Benny. Last time I checked we still have a kick ass defense and Charlie Batch has looked good. It will all work out in the end. The steelers will still go 13-3 and win the super bowl. Just remeber that every thing happens for a reason and that which does not kill tou only makes you stronger!!!!!

WHO RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think he was taking advice from not only aikman and elway on how to handle pressure after a superbowl ... but he also spent a weekend at the x-men mutant mansion and got a good talk in with wolverine about how to REALLY heal fast
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