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Default Re: St. Pierre signed john kuhn releashed!

I guess this is all the fun I have been missing out on ... people seem perplexed by the idea that a running back who usually didnt get touches until the 3rd or 4th quarter in preseason game is probably, ...well ... i shouldnt even go on ... simply put, Willie parker type situations are not a dime a dozen ...

- The thing I was most anticipating was the reaction from fanns after Cobbs was signed ... He looked better and got more reps with NE's first team than did Kuhn with ours (went and looked at the play by play for the NE games and pitt games I saw on TV) ... i was expecting an uproar, but what made me laugh even more was the fact that some were getting excited about him ... talking about how good is name is going to look sketched in somewhere at Canton, OH.
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