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Default Re: Steelers # 1 pick for 2007 draft is ...

Originally Posted by paw-n-maul-u View Post
Indeed it is way premature ... but I was sick of all the ridiculous posts about morgan,duce,kuhn ...etc. I actually was so sick of it that I jumped ship from the message board over to here ... I had been checking it out for a little while and not only is it set up better but it seems that the people are at the very least a tad more competent than the previous message board I was on ... I did the same thing when bush broke his leg (oh sh*t, how money would that be if Bush came to pittsburg in something like Cromartie did to SD) ... one thing I haven't seen yet was
"SIGN ______ NOW .... HE JUST GOT RELEASED FROM THE _______" ... i can't tell you how many times i had to explain that davenport,dayne, c. rogers, etc. were cut from teams for a reason

Paw, should try to get Machiavelli, Diamond, SteelHack, and Hillbilly to jump as well.
These Boards are far more interesting. Welcome aboard.

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