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Default Re: Steelers # 1 pick for 2007 draft is ...

Originally Posted by SteelCzar76 View Post
Paw, should try to get Machiavelli, Diamond, SteelHack, and Hillbilly to jump as well.
These Boards are far more interesting. Welcome aboard.

"Hail Caesar,......Hail the Black and Gold"
Actually ... to be honest ... the real paw-n-maul-u is still over on the other board ... I just decided that this was definitly my most favorite alias and i mean ... heck ... who really cares if i borrow it ... maybe he does ... as for the others ... Hillbilly seems to be the only one whose entertainment i could appreciate ... ill still check over there for the weekly "things that crush and things that suck" ... mach and hack annoy me
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