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Default Re: Would Tommy be too drastic?

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
Maddox ruined 2 Sunday afternoons for Steelers fans last fall and then had the gall to act in the post-season as if a terrible wrong had been done to him by not showing up at the White House or the rings presentation ceremony - I would rather have the Steelers forfeit the games than watch Tommy Turnover kick them away.
Oh boo frickity hoo, Dan. He didn't show up at the White House ceremony - so what? He wasn't a member of the team any longer and none of us really know the real reasons why he didn't show, so why speculate on it?

While there is no comparison between Maddox and Ben - not even remotely close - Ben was the QB last season for 3 of our losses and again, Batch had his behind saved by Polamalu in the Green Bay game which we very well could have lost due to his poor play. I don't want to get into the Maddox thing all over again - he isn't a Steeler any longer and we all need to move on and thank our lucky stars that we have an outstanding young QB in Ben. I remember the positives in all former Steelers, not the negatives. No use in continuing to beat the dead horse, Dan.

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