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Default Re: Would Tommy be too drastic?

Originally Posted by HometownGal View Post
Oh boo frickity hoo, Dan. He didn't show up at the White House ceremony - so what? He wasn't a member of the team any longer and none of us really know the real reasons why he didn't show, so why speculate on it?

While there is no comparison between Maddox and Ben - not even remotely close - Ben was the QB last season for 3 of our losses and again, Batch had his behind saved by Polamalu in the Green Bay game which we very well could have lost due to his poor play. I don't want to get into the Maddox thing all over again - he isn't a Steeler any longer and we all need to move on and thank our lucky stars that we have an outstanding young QB in Ben. I remember the positives in all former Steelers, not the negatives. No use in continuing to beat the dead horse, Dan.
You are the one who made the observation "I'm a little confused here, SCM. What exactly did Maddox do to us last year?" so do not get astonished when some of us attempt to walk you through what he did to so endear himself to Steelers Nation.

Let's review:

1. Ed.B. of the Post-Gazette has repeatedly reported how Maddox was always in a snit about Ben being drafted to replace him and (unlike Charlie B.) provided no mentoring or other significant assistance to Ben.

2. His performance almost single handedly loses the Jax game

3. After the Jax game Maddox throws other players under the bus for the loss, blames an injury he did not disclose to the coaches for his own screwups, and then acts all hurt that he gets booed.

3. His agent then makes up a story later that week about Maddox's kids getting hassled on the school bus and trash getting tossed on his yard that Maddox's wife has to retract but which Maddox never has the guts to admit was a lie

4. For Act II, he comes back and cannot throw against a Ravens defense stacked againt the run in the loss to Baltimore.

5. As for the post-season, I do not give a d**n whether Maddox went to the White House or rings ceremony and frankly was glad he did not show since it confirmed my opinion he is a self-centered jerk. My point is that why would the Steelers want to bring back a team cancer who so clearly wants nothing to do with Pittsburch except on his own narcissistic terms.

In closing, you are right - the Steelers won the Super Bowl last year. However, seeing as you and I at least did no harm, we contributed more to that vicory than Maddox did. Proposing that the Steelers bring back a hack who will not get into what passes for football shape for him until Ben has recovered is nuts.

Boo frickety hoo indeed
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