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Default Re: Would Tommy be too drastic?

Originally Posted by X-Terminator View Post
Well I'm certainly not a Bungle troll, and I'm definitely not stupid, and I think Maddox would have been a viable option. The games last season, which didn't end up hurting us in the grand scheme of things or his not showing up at the White House or ring ceremonies - as if he's the first player in sports history to skip out on those things - are dead horse issues. His knowledge of the offense would have been valuable and worth at least some consideration of bringing him back. But as has been said, the whole thing is now moot anyway - St. Pierre has been signed, which more than likely means Jacobs becomes the backup on Thursday.

Well said X. It's one thing for someone not to approve of Tommy playing for us,.....but letting personal ill will toward the man (for whatever reason) cloud your judgement,... is uncalled for. Hey,...i have no Love for Kordell or Neil,....but i'll still ride with SteelerFam that does. Coaches and Player's come and go,....The franchise is Immortal.

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