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Default Re: Would Tommy be too drastic?

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
You are the one who made the observation "I'm a little confused here, SCM. What exactly did Maddox do to us last year?" so do not get astonished when some of us attempt to walk you through what he did to so endear himself to Steelers Nation.

Let's review:

1. Ed.B. of the Post-Gazette has repeatedly reported how Maddox was always in a snit about Ben being drafted to replace him and (unlike Charlie B.) provided no mentoring or other significant assistance to Ben.

2. His performance almost single handedly loses the Jax game

3. After the Jax game Maddox throws other players under the bus for the loss, blames an injury he did not disclose to the coaches for his own screwups, and then acts all hurt that he gets booed.

3. His agent then makes up a story later that week about Maddox's kids getting hassled on the school bus and trash getting tossed on his yard that Maddox's wife has to retract but which Maddox never has the guts to admit was a lie

4. For Act II, he comes back and cannot throw against a Ravens defense stacked againt the run in the loss to Baltimore.

5. As for the post-season, I do not give a d**n whether Maddox went to the White House or rings ceremony and frankly was glad he did not show since it confirmed my opinion he is a self-centered jerk. My point is that why would the Steelers want to bring back a team cancer who so clearly wants nothing to do with Pittsburch except on his own narcissistic terms.

In closing, you are right - the Steelers won the Super Bowl last year. However, seeing as you and I at least did no harm, we contributed more to that vicory than Maddox did. Proposing that the Steelers bring back a hack who will not get into what passes for football shape for him until Ben has recovered is nuts.

Boo frickety hoo indeed
1. Yes, we've heard that he wasn't happy about Ben being drafted to replace him. However, Ben has gone out of his way on more than one occasion to compliment Maddox, said they were friends and that he had in fact helped him quite a bit. So where was this refusal to offer assistance or mentor Ben that you speak of? Because if that truly was the case, then Ben was lying.

2. Not one person disputes that.

3. I'm not even going to get into the issue with his post-game comments, because it's impossible to argue with people who see or read what they want to see and read. He said more than once in that post-game interview that he didn't get the job done, but everyone still believes he never accepted any blame for his play. So I'm not wasting any more of my time on that.

4. In a recent interview, Maddox admitted that the whole situation with that story was overblown, and that there were only a few pieces of trash thrown in his yard. I would call that an admission that the story was a lie.

5. That game showed me that he doesn't have it anymore, and that his confidence was totally shot. That happens after you have a spinal injury, an arm injury and have to deal with fans who get off on booing as soon as the first incompletion hits the ground. The latter is the biggest reason why Terry Bradshaw held a grudge against the fans for as long as he did.

6. MY point is that plenty of other athletes who had moved on to other teams or retired after being part of a championship team didn't show up for ring ceremonies or go to the White House, but no one ever said a word. But because it's Maddox in this instance, and he's a pariah in this town, he gets bashed for it and called "a self-centered jerk." Sorry, but I'm not going to, not when he wasn't the first, won't be the last and don't know the true reasons for him not doing so.

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