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Default Re: Dolphins scouting report

Originally Posted by Steelknife View Post
What are you talking about?

In 3 games against the Steelers, Chad Johnson (shadowed by Ike Taylor) had 13 catches 207 yards and 0 TDs.

In 2 games, Marvin Harrison had 7 catches 180 yards and 1 TD. Outside of the first play from scrimmage that Ike gave up deep, he had 3 catches 48 yards in the first game and 3 catches 52 yards in the 2nd.

He was pretty much matched up man to man vs every teams best WR. He shut them down.

He also led the LEAGUE in pass defenses and had 10 dropped INTs. If he had better hands, he'd have had 13 INTs for all last season and the most passes defensed.

He's a great CB and he's only going to improve.

Townsend isn't athletically great, but hes solid, and he rarely gives up the big play.

Where you get McFadden not being a project when he can't beat out Deshea is beyond me.

Colclough is nothing special, but hes also not a starter. He's very adequate for a 4th CB.

Back up what you say. Outside of the 1st play from scrimmage against the best WR in the league on a play action pass thrown by the best play action QB in the league, when did he give up big plays?

McFadden, Ike, and Polamalu will be the best Steelers secondary since the Rod Woodson era.

(Christopher Walken voice) "Calm down SteelKnife,.....your going to drop your sherbert ice cream cone,...and tear the feet out of your pajama's". LOL
We ranked 16th in the league against the pass last year. (And that's with Coach lebeau protecting the corners with scheming). And while you may call this "Greatness",......i think a "celebration of mediocrity" is a more fitting term. Troy is the only elite defensive back that we have. Is Ike on the verge ? Perhaps,... but to annoint him the second coming of Rod Woodson would be a little premature,.....ya think ? I know you'll say "I didn't say that"
but,.... just in case that's what your implying.

"Hail Caesar,.....Hail the Black and Gold"
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