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Default Re: Dolphins scouting report

Originally Posted by Steelknife View Post
And last time I checked, you're making it very clear that you didn't actually watch and Steelers games last year.

If you're really going to sit here and tell me that pass yardage allowed is the best indicator of a teams pass defense, you're not worth debating with.

Do you know how overall defense is ranked?

By yards allowed.

Is that also the best indicator of how good a teams defense is?

Ike had 10 dropped INTs (would have led the league, IIRC offhand) and the most passes defended. More than the Champ, more than Woodson, more than any other CB.

Would you consider this a "Debate" ? (LMAO) There is none to speak of,......only fact. I'm not speaking of "could or should" have interception's. Would a "Great" cornerback have dropped 10 pick's ? Consistency is the first mark of Greatness. And in regards to my knowledge of football,......let's just say i have a considerable amount of experience. "Nuff Said". Oh and,......STOP PLAYIN.

"Hail Caesar,......Hail the Black and Gold"
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