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Default Re: Opening day poem (edited by request:-)

Originally Posted by floodcitygirl View Post
Awesome poem!!!!!! I think we may need a new one given our newest setback as a rallying cry to the Steeler Nation! Where are you SGTN7??? We need you!
Are you ready for some football ? The time is here
It's time to start a brand new year
The Steelers open up the season with the Dolphins at home
And it's time again for me to write a poem
Steelers are the Superbowl Champs but that is now in the past
I'm excited for a new year with Ben and supporting cast
We had a losing preseason but that's okay
It helped us see who could and couldn't play
We didn't game plan - just played the games
Seeing new players - not always knowing their names
Even though we haven't had much luck - it wasn't all bad
Ben is back and healthy and that makes us all glad
Unfortunately, some things will never be the same
It's hard to think we'll never see Bettis in another game
We must move on - with the new faces and the old
Support our guys wearing Black & Gold
Cheer and scream - Steeler Nation - take a stand
We got one for the thumb - let's work on the other hand!


We found out the news - that Ben will not play
After having his appendix removed on Sunday

It seems like a setback but there's no need to worry
Charlie Batch will come to our rescue in a hurry

We know he can do it - he's done it before
Twice last year he helped us get a winning score

We"ll rally around Charlie while Ben is mending
As the Dolphins come to Heinz - it's home field we're defending!
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