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Default Re: Would Tommy be too drastic?

To the extent anyone thinks I am too harsh on Tommy Turnover and wonders why his return was about as likely as a 49ers-Browns Super Bowl this year, I am a big fan compared to Ed.B. of the P-G. Some might accuse Ed.B. of beating a dead horse - I am just passing this along - I report, you decide:)

Check out these quotes in today's P-G story on the return of St. Pierre:

In November, with Ben Roethlisberger on the shelf and Charlie Batch struggling with a broken right pinky finger, the Steelers called St. Pierre and offered him a contract to become the backup quarterback. And the way Tommy Maddox had played against Jacksonville, then screamed at coach Bill Cowher in his office later, the chance to stick around as the No. 3 quarterback the rest of the season was a good one.

There is no ill feeling on either side, unlike the Maddox departure. Maddox burned his bridge with Cowher, then added to it when he snubbed their Super Bowl ring ceremony in June. The Steelers also believe he just can't play anymore. The Steelers would rather sign Jeff George than ask him back.

Beat reporters usually do not trash players since it can tend to chill access to the entiire team. Either Ed.B. has such a personal dislike of Maddox he is willing to run that risk or (more likely) Maddox is regarded as such a tool by the coaches and other players that nobody will get chapped at Ed.B. for reporting what is regarded as gospel truth.
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