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Default The Who-dettes?

It's no lie...

It is reported that for the upcoming 2006 season, the Cincinnati Bengals plan on adding additional mascots: The "Who-dettes." The Who-dettes will be a group of twelve female "little people" dressed as Bengal Tigers and will be on the sidelines during the game shooting hot dogs and t-shirts into the stands.

Other little known (or cared for) who dey trivia...

After the Bengals lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2005 Wild Card round of the playoffs, Steelers head coach Bill Cowher and the players in the locker room celebrated by Cowher chanting "Who dey?" and the players responding "We dey!" two times. Then one Steeler chanted "Who dey think they gonna beat dem Bengals?" All responded "We dey!"

It is reported however that the same evening the Steelers chanted "Who dey?", an assistant coach's wife broke her leg. Cincinnati fans claimed it was due to using their chant.

It is reported that Carmen Electra got a "Who Dey" tattoo on her ankle.

It is reported that "Who Dey" is the title of Cincinnati native Nick Lachey's next solo album.

As a write in vote, the Cincinnati Bengals mascot "Who Dey" finished third in the 2005 Cincinnati Mayoral Election, losing to current Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory.

In the upcoming film Tigress of the Jungle, adult film star Jenna Jameson is reported to scream "Who Dey! Who Dey! Who Dey!!" during the movie's climax.

Paul Brown must be rolling over in his grave
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