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Default Re: I'm sorry about Ben.

Originally Posted by clevestinks View Post
PhinFan you always show up with some class. Hopefully you`ll stick around after this weeks game.
I'll try to stop in from time to time. Afterall, I'm hoping that the Phins will be competing for a playoff spot, which means that the Steelers will be a concern all season. A couple of things I'm really looking forward to...

Phins D-line versus Steelers O-line. The addition of Wilkerson to the Phins D-line has made a night and day difference. We've always had speed and talent on the D-line, but Wilkerson added a gigantic chunk of MEAN overnight. He'll only play 30-40% of the defensive downs, but the man defines the term "beast". I hazard to say this is the best D-line rotation Miami has had since Timbo and Gardener. REALLY looking forward to seeing them against one of the NFL's best O-lines.

Phins passing game agianst Steelers Secondary. I grew up watching Marino. I've spent the last decade watching QB's float passes. The chance to see Culpepper put a bullet right where a Phins reciever can catch it in stride is like the chance to drink pure spring water after crossing Death Valley.

Saban versus Cowher. Both coaches like the trick play. I'm wondering who will pull out more rabbit tricks for the opener.
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