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Thumbs up steve smith to no longer act like that moron johnson

while chad is racking his brain on how to make an ass monkey of himself in the endzone and marvin lewis is holding press conferences saying he cant wait to see what he comes up with, steve smith has quietly fogone the endzone nuttiness to persue and focus on more team oriented goals, such as winning a superbowl.

he has stated that he is done with it and since the league feels that those antics may be unsportsman like and negatively influencing the youth of america, he will just find a ref to hand the ball to or just drop it on the ground.

good job steve. no wonder your team has actually been to the superbowl and another champ game since the inception of the panthers. no wonder the bengals have only sniffed the playoffs once since 1990.

no wonder the panthers are favored to represent the nfc in this years bowl. all a product of discipline and good coaching. chad and the bengals have neither
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