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Default Re: Another note from Y-townFinFan

Originally Posted by paw-n-maul-u View Post
I agree with you on most of the things, although I don't know why you are preaching to the steelers (maybe you are a closet steeler fan, I don't know) ... But I do have to disagree with you on a few things:

#1: The Steelers secondary is extremely underrated, esp. these past two years with the emergence of Ike and Troy, people are still caught up in the early 2000's with the likes of dwayne washington, etc. ... Fins secondary was completely depleted and the only guy i really liked in there (Poole) was released due to injury
Both secondaries are going to live or die depending on how much pressure the front seven puts on the opposing QB. All Miami's secondary is going to be asked to do is keep the WRs in front of them and make solid tackles. People look at the change from last season to this and see the exodous of big names they recognize like Madison and Shulters. While the names are no longer present there has been a big upgrade in speed and ability. Whether that translates to better production on the field remains to be seen. In the preseason the starters didnt allow anything through the air.

#2: Ronnie Brown is going to be a beast this year (atleast I hope so considering I spent my first pick in my fantasy league on him) ... however, there are still questions surrounding both backs which is pretty much the same for both: Can they carry the full load?? I for one, am not a willie parker fan at all and would trade ten willie parkers for a quarter of the potential of a ronnie brown ... parker racked up all his yards last year in 5 games ... against teams that are notorious for not being able to stop the run ... I mean honestly ... houston, cincy, DETRIOT!?!?! ... TENNESSEE!!??!?! ... brown gets the edge by a long shot ... oh and another thing that I want to get off my chest ... willie parker holds a record for the longest run in the superbowl because he happened to be really fast and went through a whole that you could drive a dump truck through and then beat an OUT OF POSITION BACK-UP SAFETY ... the starter was hurt earlier in the game
I can't help but love Parker.... But you are right, there was a reason he wasnt starting at Carolina. The OLine sucked and he didn't have the vision to find the creases that someone like McGill could.

As a phins fan I'm certainly not sold on Ronnie yet....or this great breakout year everyone sees coming. If you take everything into consideration hes a great and versatile back already. Hes probably the second best reciever on the team after Chambers, is solid at picking up blitzers, and is a physical marvel. As for running skills, they just arent there yet. Like Parker if hes given an obvious hole he'll hit it and he has the speed to break away. Unlike Parker he combines the speed with impressive power and can run through tackles. But he misses cutback lanes, prefers running over people than trying to fake them out, and at times runs too upright.

#3: I don't understand what was so impressive with the fins late season run last year ... Their only victim that had a winning record was the Chargers and LT had cracked ribs for the last 6 weeks of the regular season (this I know because his piss-poor play caused me my fantasy league championship last year) ... I hate to break it to ya but as scary as teams like Oakland, Buffalo, NYJ, Cleveland, Tennessee, and a Tom Brady-less patriots (which I'm pretty sure could then be compared to a JV High School team) ... well ... Ill just stop there

lastly ... I'm all for your love and support for the greater good and health of football in general ... but I hope that we absolutley crush the dolphins
Last season means nothing. I doubt either the phins or steelers players will care about their winning streaks when they start playing.
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