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Default Re: Another note from Y-townFinFan

Originally Posted by 4n2t0 View Post
Like previously stated, almost all points were covered, but let's re-review the secondary. You edge the Dolphins? Is that the same team that allowed TD passes of 48, 51, 55, and 62 yards in the first two preseason games? Even though Pittsburgh's secondary is the weakest part of our defense atleast we aren't possibly the weakest unit in the league.

And who was beat on those plays? Mitchell, who is no longer on the roster, and Allen, a rookie who had attened all of one practice before being thrust into the lineup. (As a CB....a position which he hasnt played in 3 years)

If you want to evaluate a team based on preseason play at least limit the analysis to the players who will actually be on the field in the regular season. What transpires between backup players really shows nothing about how the team will perform in the games that count.
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