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Default Re: Steelers vs. Dolphins Game Talk

Here We Go Stillers!
Dressed in BlacknGold
The Steel City Killers
First game, first play of the season
The win comes wit one reason
We got five fingers and five gold rings
On top of the mountain
The NFL kings
Batch, sixteen, hometown gonna-bring-the-house-down
End Zone, celebration
Kick clears the upright separation
Put it on the board
I always add by seven
If you got a Terrible Towel than Pittsburgh's your heaven
Let the battle begin, the lines are drawn
It'll start at dusk but end before dawn
Blitzburgh is comin after Daunte
Goin have him walkin wit Jesus like Kanye
This is a game but Steel just don't play
Open the bomb bay
Let 'em drop n pop
The Steel Curtain just says STOP
Who likes Starkist?
Only when it smashed wit a Steel fist
Lemme be succinct
By Friday the dolphins goin be extinct

I'm ready, are you?


"Who said they was all tough? They ain't so tough! Smashmouth football baby! Pittsburgh style!" -Jerome Bettis #36 the BUS in 21-9 victory over Chicago Bears in 2005
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