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Default Re: 10 Truths (Turn away Bengals fans)

Originally Posted by Tankus_Maximus View Post
CS, why don't you enlighten us with your diagnosis of Ben's appendectomy. Tell us the torrid tales of how long it took YOU to fully recover from your appendectomy, and how this affected your cross-country running.

I mean..that is your m.o. isn't it? To speak from a position of knowledge, and authority from all the injuries you've suffered. Hell, according to Dr. CS85, Ben's motorcycle accident wasn't life threatening at all...he merely "messed up his face" a bit, and Caution Palmer's twisted lil knee was far more life threatening, wasn't it?

It used to be that you used to be a worthy adversary, who could hold an intelligent debate backed up with facts and when you're backed into a corner, you pull the George Dubya tactic of flip-flopping...or you avoid the topic entirely. How sad.

Just like The Bengals.
He just has no intestinal fortitude, if he did he would have come out and said "I'm playing week 1 and nothing's gonna stop me god****it." It's obvious that he's nervous about playing and he's going to be scared on the field, always thinking about whether someone is going to hit him in another organ instead of concentrating on the play. I think it's time to fish or cut bait with Big Ben...he's had almost an entire week to rehab and the typical recovery time is only like 4-6 weeks, it's obvious he should be playing right now. Quite simply, Big Ben is soft.

Gee, that sounded familiar.
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