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Default Re: Bengals talking smack already

Originally Posted by bengalsfan21
Just answer me this......Who can cover Chad one on one....Nobody, not Chump Baily, not Yy Law, nor Williams or Townsend...With that said, Chad cracks me up
You know what makes me who keep asking - who can cover receiver 'X' one on one?
When fans focus too much on what their one star player can do - its a sign that their team may not be that strong as a whole....maybe one small element is missing....say...maybe...a DEFENCE....

Chad, being Chad or not, is running his mouth on the back of personal stats not any sort of team accomplishment - and when it comes down to it, this is a good insight into whether he sees himself part of the Bengals organisation, or Team Chad.

Anyways, smack talk nearly ALWAYS helps the opposition gain extra motivation - why do you think Bill Belichick is always bigging up the likes of the Cardinals and 49ers?


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