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Default Re: Bengals talking smack already

Just for the record some scientific notes on "Chad"...

Tied for 6th in # of pass attempts to him, but a low 43rd in & of those passes caught. Chad tends to play to his competition ie- burns Bailey and McAlister but struggles against Henry of the Browns in the Pepto game. He also gets distracted as he starts to put up numbers and then gets hit or starts jawing and his body position and mechanics get out of wack.

Also Johnson and Washington faced soft coverage(backs at least 7 yards off the player at line or in prevent) 17.9% and 24.0% of the time respectively.

Which could show that they are respected, but also that combined with him only catching 50% of the balls thrown at him, shows yeah might not be able to cover him one on one, but as long as you have help over the top he isn't much more of a deep threat statiscally than Greg Lewis and Randle El.
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