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Default Re: Bengals talking smack already

Good stats ICC!
I agree with Living here. Usually in my experiences the guys talking smack before games usually get shut up quick...esp. by teams like the Steelers and Pats! It gives them the extra motivation on to take care of things on the field. Chad in some ways might back up what he says, but this is a team sport and the last thing I would want to do is piss off one of the top ranked defenses in the league last year!
Does anyone remember what happened to the Ravens in 2001 when the Ravens were talking a ton of smack before the game. Ray Ray claiming that we were going to see who the #1 defense was (which we did-but they wore black and gold...not purple) this is also the same game Fat Tony told his fans to follow anyone wearing black and gold in to the bathroom and take care of business and they were going to take care of business on the field. (This is the same year that we statistically dominated them in our first meeting but Kris Brown missed 4 out of 5 FGs) Well what happened...our guys laughed at them in the locker room when Cowher told them all about it and came out and pounded the Ravens and clinched the AFC North. (This was one of my favorite games to watch)
Some teams might get intimidated by the smack talk...but the Steelers seem to respond to it and take it out on the field-and they usually end up having the last words!
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