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Default Re: Texas is getting trounced....

Not exactly an OSU fan - well exactly not a fan- but after last week I saw only one team in the country that should have received No. 1 votes...Buckeyes. I knew Texas didn't have a prayer. Mack Brown proved to me again that he is who I thought he has always been - mediocre.

What I didn't know is how good Troy Smith could be. Dude threw some truly sweet strikes. Ummm. Brady WHO? Read it and weap Charlie.

So Buckeye fan. Be happy. Be proud. Be confident. You will be in there at the end.

But! Just remember how the Bob Stoop's Sooners were the greatest thing since the combustible engine just a couple short seasons ago. They have yet to recover from that Orange Bowl.

The real qeustion is who is 2 thru 6?
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