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Originally Posted by The JoKeR View Post
Wow ... even after losing bush, white, and leinart...they still came out looking strong. Arkansas isn't a good team, but better then what texas and ohio state played ... Let's see if they can keep it going.... I think the key game of the season is next week when Texas faces Ohio State though ... should be interesting..
Pac 10 is looking pathetic. So is the Big 10(12). Have you looked at FSU's schedule?

The irony with SC is that depth on defense and not offense is apparent. This is a very very young team. I'm not going to say with a straight face that SC belongs at the top spot. Who is No. 2 or 3 is nearly pointless right now. A case for Auburn, LSU ND and so on can be made and can be defeated.

But F-yeah. The Razorbacks admitted that this was the biggest game for them in 30 years and SC still goes Sammy Haggar on them on their turf. SO SC has beaten Arkansas twice Alabama and Auburn this decade on the road...add Michigan Oklahoma ND a handful of times. A BCS bid is realisitic this year even while reloading.
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