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Default BB2W on Training Camp

I just got back from Latrobe, and I thought I would let you guys that couldn't go know what I thought.....

First off PA has a lot more hills than I remember, and the complex at St. Vincents is great. I can't imagine a better place to hold camp. The feild sits down in a bowl, and three of the feilds are surrounded by hills where the fans can sit.... the veiw is great overlooking the hills of PA.

Big Ben:
I thought Ben was very inconsistant, and threw a few really ugly balls.... at times he looked great and others he was missing his target. He also threw a couple ducks. However, he did throw a perfect pass to Cedrick Wilson on a 20 yard out. It was a laser and Wilson pulled it in before stepping out of bounds. In the 11 on 11 full speed two minute drill with all the starters in he looked great. On the scoring play he dropped back with noone to throw too so he scrambled out to the right...then back to the left and threw like a 50 yard bomb to Wilson for the TD. Wilson saw Ben scramble back and was able to sneak behind his guy and break to the goaline....Ben's pass was right on the money.

Cedrick Wilson:
As far as Cedrick Wilson.....he catches everything thrown to him, and was easily the bright spot of camp for me. He is as quick as advertised, and he runs the best routes of all the wide receivers. His breaks are very quick, and I don't think our corners can cover him. He was always open, always made the catch, and I did notice some good moves and vision after the catch. I am really excited about this guy, and I think he can put up the numbers Plax did, and then some. If teams want to double or roll coverages over to Ward....Wilson is gonna have a big year. Good move by the front office by bringing him in.

Jerome Bettis:
The Bus looked great! His first carry of the day would have went for at least 20+ yards.... He was running a sweep, or off-tackle play and there was some penetration by a LB, and as quick as he ever has.... he juked inside swiped the guy out of the way and cut it sraight up the feild for what would have been a very big gain if not a TD. He got it going a few times during the day and he always received the biggest cheers from the crowd.

Joey Porter:
Joey Porter was burning our Tackles in the one on one drills, and the 11 on 11 he got around Smith multiple times and Starks a couple too. He is so fast and strong he should have at least 12 sacks a year. He was clearly the biggest trash talker on the feild and one time started jawwing at Ben. It was just before the big TD pass to Wilson in the 11 on 11 drill..... Ben dropped back and was pressured by Porter who flew by Marvell Smith. Ben started running to the sidline and Joey caught up to him and touched him in the back just before Ben threw it out of bounds, as if to say....I could have sacked you. Porter then started talking trash and him and Ben went at it for a second, but Ben had the last laugh.

Willie Parker:
This just in.....Willie Parker is fast a hell. He was very quick, and when he gets that next gear going, he is not going to get caught. He showed great vision taking many runs deep into the secondary before being touched.....he bounced one outside that went for about 30 yards. Parker and Coclough appeared to be the fastest players on the team. I definitly think he should get more touches this season.

Antwaan Randle El:
El looked very good....he caught most everything thrown to him, and showed his ellusivness after a few catches. I think he will do fine this year no matter what his role is. He looked good in punt returning, but I thought Ricardo was the better returner that day.

Heath Miller:
Miller ran with the second team all day, but I thought he looked good. He has very soft hands.... most of the time when everyone else caught the ball there would be a loud thud. Most of the balls Miller caught you would not here a thing. He does a great job of catching with his hands, and not letting the ball get to his pads....ala Jerry Rice. He was not hrown to much, but I only saw him drop one pass, and it was thrown a bit low and outside. One thing I did see that I liked was him lining up in the slot and sometimes going in motion.....something I did not see them doing with Tuman. He also looked like a very good blocker. One time he pancaked a defender and another time he did a great job of sealing the corner on a crack back block, and the runner broke ot outside with ease.

- In the seven on seven no tackling drill Larry Foote was almost always the first one to the ball carrier, and in the 11 on 11 drill he appered to be the guy that stuffed the only run. I think he will have a big year and prepare himself to take over for Farrior when he is gone.

- Zamir Cobb was getting a lot of reps, but had a very bad day. I saw him drop like five passes.....

- Wille Williams and Deshea Townsend looked to me to be the two best cover guys on the team....they were always right there, and they both nearly had an interception.

- Max Starks is huge, and he looked fine. Although, he did have his hands full with Porter and Haggans in the one on one drills.

- The biggest suprise for me was Walter Young. He looked very good! He is clearly the biggest receiver in camp.... he was making some great grabs. He made a one handed circus catch tipping it to himself on a very deep ball in the the WR/CB one on one drill. I did see a couple drops, but I think he might make the 53 man roster if he shows more consistancy.

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