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Default Dear Steeler Fans at Steeler Fever Forum

Well the season is drawing near. Thanks for allowing me to have some fun with you. You're a loyal group of fans. I wouldn't have expected the Steelers to have anything but. You have a strong and proud tradition. And deservingly so. Bradshaw has always been my favorite QB, and many of the things I admired in him are present in Tom Brady. Neither one was, or is, at all intimidated by pressure. Both never stopped, or stop, looking down field no matter what was, or is, around them.

So, I wish you luck this year. I can say that because it isn't what you do, or don't do, that will make our season. It is what we do, or don't do, that will make our season.

I'll drop in after September's game to either take a few lumps, or give out a few.


75th Airborne Rangers
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