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Default Re: Trade????

Originally Posted by clevestinks
I understand what your saying Blitz, BUT, We are coming off a 15-1 season, we need him this year. We need somebody this year. Ben is going into his second year, we already let Plax go, Duce is hurting, Bus is older, We need someone now. Hines is becoming more and more selfish everyday, because he knows that we need a reciever so bad.
I couldn't agree more Cleve. This whole situation is really starting to piss me off, and if we want to come out strong we need either Hines back on the field and practicing now, or we need a replacement for him. I always said I couldn't imagine Ward on any other team and that he was a true Pittsburgh guy, but my opinion is changing every day he misses camp. It's getting old and the Steelers are not going to budge so wither he reports soon or start looking for a trade.
Cleve...if a trade is the next move, who would you like us to get???
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