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Default Re: Hello from Boise IDAHO

Originally Posted by 24seven
Hello everyone! My name is Larry from Boise Idaho.. I'm 32 and been a steelers fan since i was 5 years old. My first memory was the 1980 super bowl when we smoked the Rams.. I've been hooked ever since.. I love the Steelers SOOOOOOOO Much and it kills me to know we haven't signed Heinzy yet.. He's our bread and butter and such an outstanding talent i can't stop thinking about it all day. My co worker is also a steelers fan and we has also expressed his concerns.. Yes we can move on, live without, find a replacement but I DON'T WANT A REPLACEMENT!!! No one will ever stand up to Heinz Ward.. Not even Terrel Owens in my opinion.. I've had the Sunday ticket since the 2nd year it came out and have watched EVERY game since (not to mention all i could before the ticket was available) and Heinz has put more heart and emotion into this game than any other player I have ever seen.. He hits like Greg Lloyd, runs like Franco Harris and is black and gold as Jack Lambert.. Everyday I get home and check Steelers Fever HOPING that they have signed him.. If the Steelers let him go it will be there biggest mistake ever!!!! I can't believe they don't give him what he's asking for.. whatever it is.. HE"S WORTH IT!!!!! I know this is introduction page but my emotions are high on this topic and just want to express my feelings on my love of this team and it's players just like all of us here are probably experiencing.. So many good players have come and gone and some were surprises to see let go but Heinz is one player that will forever go down as the biggest mistake EVER if let go. I hope Mr. Rooney and they whole Steelers organization knows what effects this will have on the team and the fans as rarely does a player of Wards caliber come along in a decade let along a lifetime.. I must have seen a thousand pictures of Heinz and in damn near all of em he's got that classic grin we've all come to love.. Even as he's about to get rocked or being takin to the ground he's flashin his pearly whites.. That's a player that loves the game.. Good times and bad, Heinz is always a professional. Terell Owens wishes he was HALF the man Heinz was.. Now if only the Steelers would realize it.. For all it's worth.. Hello and GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YA FOREVER!!!!!!!
Nuff Said and welcome!!
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