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Default Any fears????

I hate playing the devils advocate all the time! But is anyone a little nervous, now that we are co close???

You always here about the Sophmore slump for qbs. I wasn`t worried to much about this until Ben lost both his starters from last year, so far. We can speculate that Hines will return, BUT we don`t know when, or if for sure. This doesn`t help Ben at all.
Staley hurting again! This is gettin a little old. His does seem to be injured more than healthy.
Bettis is another year older. Last year he was nothing short of amazing. But can he do this week after week.
After Duce and the Bus we have another injury prone rb, Haynes, he is very talented, and fills in nicely when healthy. BUT how often does he stay healthy??
Willie Parker, seems to be a nice fit, but totally different back from the other three.
Our defense should be better than last year, I say this because i think we will improve at the corner or corners, Coc, Ike and or McFadden coming on strong.
We do have a couple injuries from last year coming back, Casey and Kendall. This should help.

Like I said before. Is anyone just a little nervous? Our schedule is definitley top heavy. we play the hardest part of our schedule early. So it doesn`t help having all these problems or injuries.
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