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Default Prosdo's Camp Report

Okay just so you know this isn't going to be some indepth report lol. There was just so much stuff to watch while I was there. I couldn't keep track that much. By far my favorite drill was the 1 on 1 runningbacks vs linebackers. The guy Chad Scott #30 I believe got knocked on his rear pretty fast. Jerome Bettis looked pretty good during these. Jeff Reed looked very solid during his kicks. Ben Roethlisberger threw some very nice passes. I think it was Walter Young he had a nice tip to himself and caught the ball while he was falling. Was a very nice catch except it was out of bounce. Willie Park I think it was or Noah Herron I know it was either 38 or 39 had a very nice run where he bounced off a linebacker and kept going.

As for the autographs we got: Mike Barr, Andre Frazier, Chris Gardocki, Elliott Harris, Jeff Hartings, Sean Morey, Jeff Reed, Deshea Townsend, and Nate Washington
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