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Default Re: Duce out 1 month

I think if this was a team coming off a 9-7 year it might be ok to be comfortable "seeing what the young guys can do", but this is a 15-1 team with monstrous expectations this year... with an offense that lives by the rush. You trot out Ben as an example of a young guy doing well... the fact of the matter is that Ben was the 11th pick and should have easily been the 4 or 5 if he has competed anywhere but the MAC... I don't think Parker, Scott or Herron will make anywhere near the impact of an 11th pick. I don't buy that Herron would be an early 2nd day pick in another draft. It just doesn't add up. Take it from someone who's seen Parker and Scott at Carolina... they look better in baby blue than in Black and Gold. This year's draft is beginning to look worse and worse. But hey... we got Trai Essex... so we're set.
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