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Default Re: Prosdo's Camp Report

Okay, let's see if I can finally get this report posted with no problems. This hotel internet is not being too kind to me at the moment lol. So we went to the night practice today. Ben looked good and then not so good. He threw two interceptions. One of his passes was picked off by Clark Haggans and the other by Russell Stuvaints. Ben and Cedrick did have a really nice play during the practice though. The offense was lined up at their own 45 yard line. Cedrick is running down field and gains a few steps on the defender who is covering him. He makes a nice over the shoulder catch at the 5 yard line. He was down at the 3 yard line. Maddox overthrew guys a few times. Willie Parker had some nice runs. He has really impressed me this camp. Jerome did not suit up for the practice. I don't believe Walter Young did as well. I did not see him play and when I did see him on the sideline he had a pair of sweats and his practice jersey on. Sam Simmons caught a pass but was quickly leveled by Tyrone Carter I think it was.

As for autographs my sister and my friend got Zamir Cobb, Chidi Iwuoma, Alonzo Jackson, Janssen Patten, and Greg Warren. I was standing at the other side and got James Farrior.

I will be at the training camp tomorrow and then I will be heading home. I may drive up again later this month. Not sure yet.
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